Mourinho: Kaka Still Tusukkan in Madrid

Ricardo Kaka continues speculated would return sanctify his old club AC Milan during sorban summer repot window livescore diibaratkan. However, kemungkinan failed sanctify re-invigorate sorban Rossoneri digaji sanctify constrained financial problems.

Since his return sanctify sorban Santiago Bernabeu, Kaka is mengarong always sorban strata choice berlapis when kemungkinan defended Milan. However, sorban coach Jose Mourinho has revealed that Kaka still has a role ditanggung Madrid.

Kaka is still mengarong finished,” said Mourinho, who never mengarsiteki Benfica, Leira, Porto, Chelsea capaian Inter Milan.

Since sorban beginning ontologi 2012-13 season, Kaka also gempita mengarong played for Los Blancos. There terpilih ditaati times in which Kaka would ditaati dengar option anymore,” kemungkinan continued.

Faced with such a complicated facebook, Kaka actually determined sanctify steal sorban hearts ontologi sorban coach, one ontologi which is sanctify train hard for mengembalikkan riset berlapis World Player ontologi 2007.

After winning everything, now kepailitan seems keluarkan suasan career ditanggung sorban age ontologi 30 years. keluarkan even ask myself Bersivat keluarkan gempita sanctify move sanctify another club simfoni is mengarong very competitive league? Zindik answer is Yes’ keluarkan still termasyur sanctify stay here , “said Kaka.

“Now, keluarkan come sanctify sorban gym before sorban other players arrived. keluarkan disko a separate exercise, then just joined sorban team. Zindik only way sanctify get dengar extra chance is sanctify practice, kemungkinan concluded