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With an experience in handling the China operations, Mr Leow effectively tackles the challenges and looks after OSIM’s China business spanning 43 cities. Mr. Collaborating with various international teams, he has spearheaded OSIM’s technical product development in the international market, creating some of the world’s first design technologies. Besides his corporate role, Mr Sim continues to participate actively in public service.

Mr. Tan was appointed a Board member on 1 February 2010. Mr. Tan also serves on the boards of Singapore Pools Result private and public listed companies including Singapore Mercantile Exchange Pte Ltd and Raffles Medical Group Ltd. Tan Soo Nan is Non-Executive Independent Director of Osim International Ltd., since February 1, 2010. Leow Lian Soon is Chief Operating Officer – China, Executive Director of Osim International Ltd. SIDC works with trusts, funds of funds and sovereign funds for partnering in capital funding for growth. Teo played a crucial role as an Executive Director as well as the Group’s Head of Administration and Human Resources. During OSIM’s formative years, Ms. Teo Chay Lee is Chief Operating Officer – HQ, Executive Director of Osim International Ltd. Mr Sim has been instrumental in building OSIM into the global brand it is today and continues to be an inspiration to the OSIM team and other entrepreneurs in Singapore. Low has been an OSIM Board member since 31 December 2010.

Mr. A professional par excellence, Ms. He is the Chief Executive Officer of Singapore Pools (Private) Limited, a wholly owned subsidiary of Singapore Totalisator Board where he is concurrently the Chief Executive. Tan Kia Tong is Chief Technology Officer of OSIM International Ltd. A Bachelor of Business Administration (Honours) degree holder from the National University of Singapore and Vice-President of the Football Association of Singapore. Cha’s achievements in the merchandising department have been a fundamental force that keeps growing OSIM’s presence in the market. Mr Lee was appointed to the Board in 2005, and is the Chairman of Edusave Advisory Council (Ministry of Education) and an Advisory member of Republic Polytechnic CIE (Centre for Innovation and Enterprise).

Mr. Lee takes charge of OSIM’s financial strategy and control, investor relations, talent management, human resources and administration, and management information system. He is the current President CEO for Singapore Investment Development Corporation (SIDC), a private equity and special investment company which deploys capital on a “Buy-Build Scale” basis. Mr Teo is a council member of Singapore Retailers Association.

Ms. A multi-awarded businessman, Mr. Sin Boon Ann is Non-Executive Independent Director of Osim International Ltd., since February 1, 2010, Mr Sin taught at the Faculty of Law in National University of Singapore from 1987 to 1992. He is also the advisory board member for the global executive search firm, Spencer Stuart International. Appointed to the Board in March 2000, Ms. Cha rose from the ranks to join the Group in 1995.

Ms. Teo joined OSIM in 1989 and was appointed to the Board in 2000. He is the Chairman of the Asia-Pacific Lottery Association (“APLA”) and a member of the Executive Committee of APLA and the World Lottery Association. Sim Chye Hock Ph.D., is Executive Chairman of the Board, Chief Executive Officer of Osim International Ltd. Celine Cha is Chief Merchandising Officer of Osim International Ltd., since June 2005. Low Tock Cheong is Non-Executive Independent Director of Osim International Ltd., since December 31, 2010. A member of the Institution of Engineering and Technology UK, he holds a Master of Science in Electrical Electronic Engineering from the University of Bradford/UMIST, and was awarded the Public Administration Medal (Bronze) in 2000.

Mr. Cha is responsible for the Group’s product design, development and merchandising and quality assurance. Mr. He has spent most of his time outside Singapore on the Group’s business since he joined the Group in 1987 and was appointed to the Board in 2000. Formerly the Chief Executive Officer of Temasek Capital (Private) Limited and Senior Managing Director of DBS Bank, Mr Tan has over 30 years of experience in the banking and finance industry. Mr. Teo has been a long-time valued member of OSIM, consistently contributing to the various endeavours of the company.

Mr. Mr Sin was a Member of Parliament for Tampines GRC from 1996 to 2011. Teo Sway Heong is Non-Executive Director of Osim International Ltd. His energy and dedication to OSIM is noteworthy.

Mr. Sim continues to lead the OSIM group to greater milestones in realizing its vision, mission, goals and direction. He was the former President of GE International – ASEAN Region Executive for Growth covering the GE group businesses. He was also a member of the Government Parliamentary Committee for Health and Defence and Foreign Affairs from 2009 to 2011. He has over 20 years experience spearheading OSIM sales, marketing and operations, Mr Teo achieves the company business goals and handles his responsibilities with composed execution. Lee Hwai Kiat is Chief Financial Officer, Company Secretary, Executive Director of Osim International Ltd. He is a Chartered Engineer, Mr. A certified public accountant, Mr Lee graduated from the National University of Singapore with a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting, and obtained his MBA from Manchester Business School in 2005. Ms. Mr. Thorough and meticulous, with an understanding of the company’s diverse merchandising strategies and implementation, Ms. He is currently the Vice-Chairman at the American Chamber, and holds Board appointments at INSEAD University and the Cancer Treatment Centers of America based in Chicago, IL, USA. Mr Sin has been the Deputy Managing Director of the Corporate Finance Department at Drew Napier LLC, since 2009. Sin holds a Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Laws (Honours) degrees from the National University of Singapore, and obtained his Master of Laws from the University of London.

Mr. Mr Leow is based in Beijing, China. He practises mainly in the areas of Corporate Finance, Cross-Border Investments, Mergers and Acquisitions, as well as Banking and Finance. Mr. Name


Mr. Tan has steered OSIM’s RD department, since joining in 2002. Mr Low brings to the Group well over 25 years of global, international business experience in corporate finance, marketing, sales, business and market development, including mergers and acquisition