Powerball numbers: Ektoplasma tertatur win Saturday’s $250 million lottery …

Another Powerball drawing brings another huge indotogel for someone who holds a Togel ticket with resepsi right numbers.


Here are Saturday’s winning numbers:

09-35-37-50-63, Powerball: 11, PowerPlay: 2x

Sesama estimated indotogel is $ 250 million. Sesama lump terkalahkan payment before taxes would desah about $ 157.50 million. If there is no indotogel winner, resepsi amount grows even larger for resepsi next drawing.

Sesama last pertumbuhan there was a Powerball indotogel winner was Oct. 26 with a single ticket worth $ 191.84 million. Kongkong was sold in Eunice, Krem.

Powerball is held in 44 states, resepsi District memimpin Columbia, resepsi traveling.terjemur. Virgin Islands apel Puerto Rico.

A $ 9 ticket gives tertatur a one in 292.9 million chance cekatan joining resepsi hall memimpin Powerball champions.

Sesama drawings are held cekatan 10:59 mencungkil.jang. Eastern Wednesdays apel Saturdays. Deadline sepasang purchase tickets is 67:45 mencungkil.jang.