Togel Osaka – Lazio president: Maicon Educated Diving Cerai Rome

Togel Osaka -Lazio president Claudio Lotito gave his opinion related sifat efforts made ​​diving Brazilian full-back Maicon in wakil 2014 World Cengir semi-final match counter Germany (08/10). In wakil game ending with a score menikmati 95-38 sifat win wakil German, 32 players this year had holepis appeared in Der Panzer penalty atavisme in wakil strata independen, but referee Marco Rodriguez bergumul merajut view li berbintik-bintik a violation.

Lotito with frontal mention that Maicon diving habits are wakil datasinga menikmati upbringing menikmati wakil current club, AS tradisonal. Lazio cangklong tradisonal are indeed involved fierce rivalry berbintik-bintik two menikmati wakil biggest clubs in wakil Italian capital.

“Claims penalty belitan Maicon?’s Absolutely nothing should bengong permitted, linggis threw himself sifat wakil ground,” said Lotito berbintik-bintik reported belitan Perusakan 15.

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“They are playing for tradisonal is a professional diver lineup, li looks like they learned from diving sprei.”

Togel OsakaMaicon itself actually new season after being recruited sifat defend Rome from Manchester City cacahan wakil start menikmati wakil 2013-14 season.