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No need to use a digital camera / LSR again if want to photograph, simply by using the HP now you can enjoy the amazing picture by HP that you have. With kecangihan HP camera nowadays is a very efficient tool when it is used to take pictures.
Unfortunately one of us is still difficult to use technology on the HP camera, probably a few tips below to maximize your cell phone camera to be useful even to photograph the beautiful scenery without fear of the results are not good.

Ensure Bright Lights
For maximum results make sure we know the description of the object that we will take. For results outdor photos look brighter and labor when compared to indor. Flash Effective range of about 2-3 meters. So do berharao we illuminate the whole room with a flash.

Do not use the zoom
Usually if we dispose of the camera zooming in on HP results will look less good. So try to memoter from a short distance, so the whole object can fulfill frame.

Hold the phone steady
Try to calm your hand when taking photos using a mobile phone. The more stable the camera, the better the results. You can also take advantage of other objects as a backrest for stability within your bleak against a tree or wall too.

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Selecting the resolution
You should be able to use a high resolution when the camera gives resolution options. By choosing a high resolution means having a lot more detail and we can also print photos larger.

Read tips on composition
We must also have a good knowledge of the composition, it would be much help us shoot better.

Take pictures from different angles
Try to make shots from unusual angles. Suppose take pictures from below or from above, so the results are more different side.

Note the clarity of the lens
The lens is very dirty phone that affect objects that we will capture. Although as good or as beautiful as any object then the result will not be good. Use a soft cloth to clean the lens HP does not need to use any liquid. If exposed to decree anything oily we can also use cleaning glasses / LCD.

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Avoid editing of HP
Try not to edit your photos directly from HP. Manage photos dikomputer results clearly better than HP. So make sure you are not tempted to use image editing features in HP. With that we can have greater creative keleluasan later.

Recognize a Pause
Mobile cameras have what is called shutter lag, the time lag between when we pressed and also when we take photographs. Make sure we know the time lag well so we remain calm hands immediately after pressing the shutter.
Some of the tips above may be a guide for you who want to use a mobile camera to take pictures. The sophistication of the technology is no longer a barrier for us gaptek receipts HP camera. Since the function of the camera phone has become an easy item to use any application, such as photographing. Hopefully useful.